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Mna Phort Mhaise

This Social Enterprise project will be to showcase Micí Mc Gowans and to sell local crafts, some to be made in the cottage. Micí McGowan’s is a vernacular thatched cottage, which is also a heritage site. The cottage is owned by the board of management (volunteer led) of the local community centre. The plan is to promote the site by hosting tours of the cottage where the visitors will hear about the story behind the house and some local history. As the house has been restored to its original state, it is of interest to locals, visitors to the area from Ireland, Northern Ireland and from other parts of the world as the area is popular with coach tours. Pre Covid the house was opened during the summer months but in this Social Enterprise project, the house can be opened all year round by having a person in the house making crafts i.e. crochetting, knitting or sewing which will be sold on site at an affordable cost. To cover the cost of materials a percentage of the profits will be reinvested into the running of the cottage. These items will be made by locals using locally sourced, sustainable materials, with some of these items being made on an old sewing machine and to produce our own wool, from local sheep, on a spinning wheel. Workshops can take place to demonstrate to the visitors how crafts are made and to give them the opportunity to make their own crafts, which will in turn increase the footfall to the cottage and income towards the upkeep of the site. The cottage will be opened for the community, passing visitors, tourists, and coach tours. We can offer tea and homemade bread which will be made on the open fire.