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Welcome to a project management platform where your community collaborates and gets stuff done!

What Shared Futures offers

Find like-minded people in your area and create together. We call projects 'rivers' because they flow and cannot be stopped!

Hi all! Let's turn the derelict street corner plot into a community green space and run gardening activities for children.

Grace Campbell

Hi Grace, amazing! This space has so much potential, my kids would love that, we don't have a garden!

Kate Bell

Hello, I don't know about gardening but can dig a hole, happy to help with carrying things too!

Ben Moore

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Projects go through stages with dedicated chats. Polls conclude stages to ensure shared understanding and agreement on what to do next.

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What we agree: “The old lookout tower is rotting and is dangerous. We propose to renew it and we also build a seating deck.”

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Salmon of Knowledge 11:12 15/11/2022

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